Studio #1, Fumie Shibata – The technologie of today into everyday life

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Designer  Fumie Shibata
Studio  Design Studio S
Location  Tokyo
Focus  Industrial design

Fumie Shibata is one of the most influencial designer in Japan. Lucky me, in 2015, I had the great opportunity to work at her studio as an intern for 6 months. She is a really talented person and she has a great personnality.


Fumie Shibata studied at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, after graduation she worked at Toshiba Design Center. In 1994 she established her Studio, Design Studio S. She is also currently the vice chairman of the Good Design Award, a prestigious japanese industrial design award.


Duo, Piezzo Diffuser


Unimug Tea

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9 hours hotel


Fumie Shibata’s works is various, but her projects are connected with everyday life as electronics, healthcare, stationary, housewares or also hotels.

In her process, she spend a lot of time considering how objects exist within their own environments, independently of their context or funtion but also how they are used by their users. Analizing the relationship between the objects and the body, since we are using those objects with our hands or bodies. One of the questions that she is asking herself is how people live their life and what/how designs will have a demonstrable effect on those lives.

For Fumie Shibata, design’s role is to apply the technologie of today into everyday life, finding a useful function through it that will creates an interaction with humans. She wish people to become more aware that designs are all around us :

” Design is something that is inextricable from the lives of everyone. If people could experience art as  being part of their everyday lives, their horizons will expand.”