Reading #2 – Private tour of the best Japanese Museums

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by Sophie Richard
Published by Japan Society

February 2014
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During my recent holidays in Kagawa Prefecture at the beginning of May, I went to Teshima Island. There I went to the amazing Teshima Art Museum and found that book. I have been really surprise to find an english guide book about Japanese Museums. If you are not living in Japan it can be hard to find those museums by yourself. Most of the museum I have visited was through the recommandations of my japanese friends and my list of places to visit keeps growing.

I already have been to most of the museums that Sophie Richard is talking about but I think that it is a really good book and since that in most of the museums in Japan you are not allowed to take pictures, it can be a really nice souvenir. I highly recommend it if you are planning to come in Japan but even also if you are not travelling. This book is really enjoyable, the content is interesting and the pictures are great.

Sophie Richard

She is a french freelance art historian. Educated at the Ecole du Louvre and the Sorbonne in Paris, she worked in the art world in New York before moving to London where she is now based. She has travelled to Japan many times during the last 10 years. Passionate about Japanese arts and culture, she set to explore the country’s many museums. In the course of her research she has interviewed museum curators and directors, visiting over 100 venues across the country.