Opening of a FabLab in Kyoto

fabcafe kyoto fablab maker space

Maker Culture Sites, Fablabs and Hackerspaces have been springing up all over the world in recent years, offering designers the chance to share ideas and skills through workshops and shared working spaces.

Japan is also growing up in this field, in 2010 FabLab Japan was born, inspired by the concept of the fabrication revolution by the American MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld.

A new base is opening up in Kyoto, lauched by Loftwork, a creative agency that works through open collaboration in the design of web content, communication, services, spaces, and more through open collaborations.
FabCafe Kyoto  is the 9th branch of Loftwork, they already opened 6 places worldwide (France, Taiwan, Spain, Singapore) et 2 other places in Japan. This new spot is offering 3D printing laser, cutting tools, design contests but also coffee, local craft beer and food. Food-themed will be held.

The Grand Opening will be on June 9th 2017.

MTRL Kyoto マテリアル京都
1F, Motoshiogamacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto

Open everyday, 11am – 7pm
One day stay + 1 Drink – ¥1000
Drink – ¥500

Go on the website to see the upcoming events.

Source, Japan Trends