Good Design Award 2017 Committee Reunited


The committee of Good Design Award 2017 has been reunited since June 8th to start the process of the examination. This year around 60 peoples are part of the committee, judging the incredible work of many talented designers.

Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. Many companies and designers from both inside and outside of Japan participate in the activity to enhance the industry or the quality of life through the design. “G Mark”, the symbol of the award has been recognized widely as a mark representing good design.

It is as much recognized than Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award.

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2017 Timeline 

[Apr 5 – May 31]    Call for entry
[Jun 8 – 28]    First screening period
[Jun 29]    Notification of the first screening results
[Jul 5 – Sep 6]    Second screening period
[Oct 4]    Announcement of award recipients
[Nov 1]    Award ceremony & Announcement of special award recipients
[Nov 1 – 5]    Good Design Exhibition 2017
[Dec]    Good Design Special Awards Ceremony