Watch #1 – Poweredby.Tokyo

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "powered by tokyo" is a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyojin. It aims to authentically and organically capture, document and communicate Tokyo’s unique urban culture through the insight and experience of the very people that shape it while redefining what it means to call Tokyo home.

The community did several stunning videos sequences about Tokyo’s citizens. – There is no medium more honest than film. Every citizen of this city has their own perspective shaped by their own unique experiences. To capture Tokyo in the most sincere manner possible, Tokyo’s finest filmmakers have come together to tell the stories of the people, places, and cultures that make this city tick. Authenticity through collectivity.

First, watch the intro
Music, Kissey – Forget

Music, Earthquake Island has collaborated with luxury footwear imprint, FACTO. When the inspired movements of FACTO and collide, a unified voice emerges to express a narrative of unrelenting passion for craft, taste and quality. It was when FACTO founder, Victor Hsu, relocated to Tokyo from New York, that he became inexorably influenced by the Japanese sensibility for taste, design and quality. Equally chaotic yet tranquil, modern yet traditional, every bit of Tokyo’s eccentric people, environments and inimitable culture has sculpted the very essence of the brand. Together, the two have redefined what it means to call Tokyo home, focusing on the inspiration FACTO has drawn from Tokyo’s staggering urban diversity. The short films follow Tokyo natives and their embodiments of the FACTO and brands as they inhabit the various neighbourhoods of the city.

Head off on the to watch all their movies.


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