3d-printed Swarovski crystal – TAKT PROJECT 

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TAKT PROJECT, a multidisciplinary studio focus on product-design reinvention and socially driven endeavours, won the competition 2017 Swarovski Designers of the Future Award last april at Salone del Mobile. As well than the 2 other designers Jimenez Lai (LA) and Marjan van Auble (London). The 3 winners were invited to create a work that answers the brief “Shaping Societies” through the development of a new design statement that is inspired by Swarovski crystal.

Satoshi Yoshiizumi, founder of TAKT PROJECT

TAKT PROJECT collaborated with Israeli start-up Micron3DP to produce Ice Crystal, a range of 3D-printed Swarovski crystal vases and containers in shapes and textures that have never been seen before. Micron3DP are the inventors of high-resolution molten glass 3D-printing technology, pioneering a new manufacturing process of complex glass parts.

Satoshi Yoshiizumi – To be able to work in such an important, innovative area as 3D-printing is so exciting for our studio. By printing crystal we can in effect print light, a new way of thinking that will be part of shaping societies in the future.

The Ice Crystal objects would be impossible to achieve with traditional glass molding, blowing or cutting. Unlike most 3D-printing machines, the Micron3DP machine does not have to print continuously and can skip from one part of the design to another. This gives the designer the freedom to create complex structures and cavities within the crystal.

Jimenez Lai designed the architectural environment of the installation made of a pioneering new Swarovski-crystal terrazzo, while Marjan van Aubel worked on a series of three living-light objects using solar technology that is illuminating the Ice Crystal collection. The installation took place at Design Miami/ Basel from 13-18 June 2017.

Swarovski Designers of the Future Award/ 2017

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Video, TAKT PROJECT working on Ice Crystal