360° Mapping Projection of Tokyo, visualized as an Art City by Naked

「TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED」巨大模型とプロジェクター100台で“東京”を体感 写真11

is a Tokyo-based creative studio that exercise in the field of digital, realising artistic works, digital exhibitions, projection mapping, light installations and more. The latest project of Naked is TOKYO ART CITY, an art event exploring Tokyo through symbols of the city with a projection mapping in 360°. The human activity of Tokyo is expressed as particles of light spreading out in multiple dimensions. The artwork is located at Gallery AaMo in Tokyo from june 16th to september 3th, 2017.

Naked’s statement

When it is assumed that art is not “nature” but “acts stacked by people”, the theme “city is art” emerged. Because “city” does not mean an administrative division with high population densities on which tall buildings are lined up, because it is the collection of acts that people gathered and accumulated. The words “art in city” and “city is art” are similar. People’s work continues. If the city is the accumulation of people’s activities, <city art> will always expand and change. The future of the city exists, including past / present. This project aims to visualize “City as an art” that is unevenly distributed in the acts of countless people who did so.


「TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED」巨大模型とプロジェクター100台で“東京”を体感 写真1「TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED」巨大模型とプロジェクター100台で“東京”を体感 写真11
「TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED」巨大模型とプロジェクター100台で“東京”を体感 写真7「TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED」巨大模型とプロジェクター100台で“東京”を体感 写真6

Performance at the Opening

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