10,000 Flowers going back to the earth – Azuma Makoto


Flower artist Azuma Makoto develops experimental creations based on flowers and plants.  He created a new artwork titled “Back to the Earth”. A 4 meters huge circle using 10 thousands of colorful flowers, and followed up the stages of decomposition of it. Flowers were covered with grasses, and gradually returned back to the earth. Life and death exist next to each other. The artwork captured the whole stages of life as a documentary.

The project started 2 months ago, in May 2017 and it was located in an open field in Saitama, near Tokyo.

Azuma Makoto is interesting into raising the existence value of plants by finding the most mysterious form which it is converting into artwork that can express it.
The connection between flowers and human beings has been expressed in all sorts of different ways over the centuries.  A flower starts as a bud, in order to bloom and then to wither and allow her seed to fall on the ground as nutrition for the soil. During her limited existence she undergoes many changes and fulfils her short life without words. The pure beauty of this existence touches people deep in their hear.”

Back to the earth
Photography, Shiinoki Shunsuke

growth+and+decay+become+a+beautiful+union%2C+and+the+cycles+of+life+form+a+meditative+moment+to+experience+and+enjoy.growth+and+decay+become+a+beautiful+union%2C+and+the+cycles+of+life+form+a+meditative+moment+to+experience+and+enjoy.azuma makoto flower circleazuma makoto flower circleazuma makoto flower circleazuma makoto flower circle
azuma makoto flower circleazuma makoto flower circle

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