Delicate illusion : crystal, plants and water becoming one – Kazunaga Sakashita

shallows (International model)

Kazunaga Sakashita who founded the design studio Critiba just won a golden A’ Design Award 2017 for its series ‘shallows’. A vase combining crystal, plants and water into one form.

Kazunaga Sakashita’s statement

The shallows are characterized by the fact that plant, water and crystal flower bowls look together. Water itself fills the flower arrangement texture by the surface tension generated when the flower vase is filled with water. And the surface tension of water acts as a poetic expression. This delicate hallucination brings comprehension for simplicity and beauty, even better than new materials or advanced technology, instead expressing the elegance mentioned unobtrusively.

The design allows for the surface tension of water to become a textural element – the shallow at the top of the container gives space for liquid to be filled. The water at the surface of the vase acts as a poetic expression for the vitality of the vessel’s function, to give life to the plant in which it contains.

Moreover, it blurs the boundary between the vase and the water because it causes the surface tension by brimming it. Then the vase makes itself invisible, and gives an illusion as if there is a water column and plants.

Photography, Taishi Fujimori

shallows (International model)
shallows (International model)shallows (International model)shallows (International model)shallows (International model)shallows (International model)shallows (International model)