Watch #2 – Short series, The Last Artisans of Japan

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NOWNESS produced a short series The Last Artisans of Japan, each video focus on a different craftsmanship : Mirin, Tea, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Sake and Kamaboko.

The series was filmed by London based-director of photography Jeremy Valender. He visited Japan’s independent, small-batch factories and breweries to capture the care that goes into making slow, labor-intensive versions of the country’s favourite edibles. Though such methods are disappearing fast, the handred consortium — a loose collection of producers — has formed with the shared goal of protecting suche time-honored traditions for the future.

The series come out last year and it is not related to ‘design’ and ‘art’ as I usually talk about but I think that it is a must-see. But NOWNESS did also several other short videos about Japanese artists/architects/photographers that you can watch here.

The Last Artisans of Japan


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