Ishinomaki Laboratory launched ‘Life’ collection, bringing joy to modern living through simple design


Ishinomaki Laboratory launched a new collection titled  ‘Life’ – focusing on small, human-scale objects that are not only functional, but are also designed with everyday life in mind in collaboration with Torafu Architects, Drill Design, Gabriel Tan and Keiji Ashizawa. The collection retains the original spirit of using materials and fabrication techniques that are unpretentious, but focuses on utilitarian products that bring joy to modern living through simple design.

Torafu Architects designed 3 items of the collection : a stool, a cutting board and a skate board.

[Drill Design, Gabriel Tand and Keiji Ashizawa did not yet release officially their products so I will update the article when it will be.]

Life collection

Stand stool / Torafu Architects


Fish board / Torafu Architects


Kobo skate board / Torafu Architects