Folded metal sheets, connecting objects and space – Ryota Yokozeki


At Milano Satellite 2017, Ryota Yokozeki presented its last projects; the “Fold series”, “A flower vase” and “A penstand”.

“Fold series” is a furniture system made with folded metal sheets. Forming a 3-dimensional shape with folded metal sheets, it connects objects and space naturally. From one angle, it looks like a box. But from the other angle, it looks like a plate. The side table can be use as a sitting stool but it can also be transformed into a storage space.

F side Table


F shelf


A flower vase

“A flower vase” is made of folded metal sheet. It can be expressed by the use of different material and finishing such as polished brass, sandblasted bronze, fabric, leather and painting.


A pen stand

“A pen stand” is inspired by a mountain range. Having the deep valley in-between the mountains, it can hold the pen in a vertical position securely.