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I am Manon,
a french product designer currently based in Osaka.

Through my job and my location, I have the opportunity to discover more and more everyday about Japanese’s design culture. Through that space I would like to share with you my daily discoveries, specially product design.

SANKOO come from Japanese, 参考, meaning References.

This place is for everyone which is interested in Design and/or Japan, from design lovers to professional designers. I hope you will do nice discoveries.

[ EDIT 2019 – I stoped writing on SANKOO and I am currently thinking of a new way and platform to share Japanese Design in a more easily and efficient way ]


I am not a professional writer and I am not english-native. My purpose is to share my discoveries with you through short articles, easy to read and to understand for everyone. I also do not possess the right of the pictures so if you are possessing the rights and wish your credit to appear on it, please feel free to contact me.


If you wanna share your thoughts, own discoveries or if you have questions and project’s submissions request, it’s here :